Welcome to Encased in Steel!

Hello, and welcome to Encased in Steel, the new blog that is hosted, authored and maintained by the Academy of Historical Arts. Our purpose is to write interesting and thought provoking essays and articles about European history, sometimes concentrating on the martial aspects of our history, sometimes concentrating on general history, and sometimes concentrating on the traditional handcrafts from past centuries. Hopefully this blog will be of interest to members of the HEMA community, to members of the historical re-enactment community, to teachers and students, and to anyone with a passing interest in history.

We will be publishing a new article every Friday afternoon, and will hold to this weekly submission. Our contributors have built up a queue of articles ready for posting, so that we should be able to keep posting without dry spells. Our goal is to be one of the most interesting and most professional history and HEMA blogs currently active!

So who is the Academy of Historical Arts, and what do we do? The Academy of Historical Arts follows this mission statement:?“Our purpose is to promote and further the study of European history through the historical, martial and creative arts.”

To this end, the Academy is part of the Triquetra Services (Scotland) charitable organisation (registration number SC042086) and is the educational division within the charity. The Academy runs a number of educational programmes that are designed to benefit different areas of society and to promote the study of European history in different ways.

Our longest running programme within the Academy is the Chivalric Dream Society programme, where we run groups that practice historical European martial arts and various forms of traditional handcrafts. We are looking to expand this programme throughout Scotland, giving more and more people the opportunity to learn skills that they would otherwise not have the chance to learn.

We also run such programmes as our Past Professor scheme, where members of the Academy go into local schools and present on aspects of European history to support the national Curriculum for Excellence. This has been well received so far, and more and more schools are beginning to book visits as part of this programme.

To help support the activities of the Academy (which can become very expensive very quickly!), we have a commercial division called Corsair’s Wares which aims to supply the historical hobbyist market with everything that could possibly be needed to take part in any of the historical hobbies. Although we only have a few shops online at the moment, we have some amazing plans for expansion, and expect to become leaders in the market in short order.

All of this organisation requires some fairly heavy IT infrastructure, so Triquetra Services boasts a third division that handles the IT side of things. Chivalric Systems is in charge of maintaining our servers, our websites and our domain names, and undertakes further development of our online presence. Furthermore, since we have all of the skills and resources at hand anyway, Chivalric Systems offers fairly priced website development and hosting services, and would like to help improve the online presence of the historical hobbyist community as a whole.

For more information about the different parts of our organisation, please see our websites:

Triquetra Services (Scotland) which comprises:
Corsair’s Wares
Chivalric Systems
Academy of Historical Arts which includes:
Past Professor Programme
Chivalric Dream Society
Historical Hiltwork